Dr. Jane Hession & Ronan Healy

We’re a design agency passionate about facilitating meaningful conversations to improve employee and customer experiences.


We help business and government understand the motivations, needs and challenges of both employees and customers and use these insights to simplify operations and strengthen culture.

We believe that organisations that do not concentrate significantly on their employee’s experience cannot significantly improve their customer’s experience. Understanding both employee and customer perspective’s and designing solutions with them helps generate and sustain a thriving ‘culture-centric’ environment.


Adopting a ‘culture-centric’ approach will positively affect many areas such as:

  1. costs & profitability

  2. customer & employee attraction / retention

  3. leadership development

  4. collaboration & teamwork

  5. learning & development

  6. product & service innovation

  7. brand advocacy & differentiation

We optimise your operations and culture through our mixed toolkit of:


  2. Service Design / Design Thinking

  3. Positive Psychology

  4. Agile Scrum







What is it?

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitation method used within a unique workshop setting. It has been used for over a decade by government departments, Not-For-Profits, SMEs and Multinationals such as Google, Microsoft and Ikea.

At its core, it's about using LEGO® pieces to empower employees to think more creatively, communicate more effectively and most importantly solve problems more efficiently as a team. 

The first half of the workshop is structured so that participants individually build their models, transitioning in the second half to building models as a team.

As the workshop progresses, topics will become more complex and stretch participants thinking while moving towards the main objective. Eg: Create the team vision, values and behaviours for Project X.

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Why use it?

1) We need to think differently to adapt to an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment. Traditional workshops lead to traditional thinking.

2) Due to such complexity and change, leaders can’t have all the answers. Their success is dependent on hearing all voices in the room. 

3) Teams often fail to communicate effectively due to differing traits (introvert/extrovert) or preferred thinking styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) or cultural background.

4) Allowing each member to contribute and feel heard creates more alignment and engagement which leads to innovative outcomes.


Our Services

Collaboration is at our core so we can design a facilitation experience to reflect your strategic objectives.

Our interviews and workshops can include customers only, employees only or customer and employees.

Whilst our process is LEGO® and Post-it Note® filled, we’re data-driven and map your success metrics to project outcomes.


1. Design Research

Through qualitative and quantitive research we help you become more ‘culture-centric’ by better understanding your customer’s and employee’s motivations, needs, challenges and the contexts in which they interact with your brand.

Where appropriate our qualitative (face-to-face) research will utilise the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, as opposed to more traditional focus groups or interviews. This innovative research method uncovers valuable insights by allowing participants to think and communicate in a unique way.

Having conducted our research we then work with you to create an ‘Implementation Roadmap’ to successfully turn those valuable insights into your competitive advantage.

Strategic Design Session

2. Strategic Design

This is a continuation of our partnership which was created during the initial Design Research project.

During this secondary project, we utilise the findings contained within the ‘Implementation Roadmap’ to generate a highly detailed blueprint of your company.

We take a holistic perspective and generate a current (‘As-is’) and future (‘To-be’) understanding of your people, processes, workspace, technology, partnerships and market positioning.

We then continue to partner with you to implement the necessary changes in order to achieve your ‘culture-centric’ capabilities.

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3. Capability Building

We partner with you to create highly interactive workshops which engage and empower your employees to improve both customer and employee experiences.

Depending on your requirements our workshops are designed using our mixed toolkit of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Service Design/Design Thinking, Positive Psychology and Agile Scrum.

We have created bespoke workshops on topics such as:
Strategy Development Sales Growth
Team Building Process Improvement
Mindfulness Organisational Change

cocreation postit party.jpg

4. Co-creation Event

In this digital era, unique, live events are a valuable way to significantly build brand awareness and advocacy.

From helping customers envisage the future of their industry to partnering with them to solve more immediate problems these events allow you and your employees to authentically connect with current and prospective customers in a way your competitors may not.

Our fun, highly interactive, LEGO® strewn and Post-it Note® filled events generate engaging and unique content your marketing and internal communications department will greatly appreciate.




Client Testimonials


About Us

Dr Jane Hession.jpg

Dr. Jane Hession (Design Researcher)

I’m a researcher at heart. I love to learn how various mindsets and life experiences shape the decisions and behaviours of others.

I’m passionate about mentoring female entrepreneurs and helping organisations foster gender equality and diversity in the workplace.

My book ‘Women In The Modern Workplace’ examined how family, finance, networking and mentoring affect a woman’s decision to create a startup. My PhD. analysed the degree to which Polish entrepreneurs leverage the business support services provided by the Irish Government.

I’ve consulted to various Irish Government agencies and for five years managed the business faculty of a college based in Sydney. I have a passion for creating mindful, progressive learning environments and embedded Positive Psychology and design thinking throughout the entire business faculty.

As a Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator, I use gameplay in all of my facilitation work with a focus on incorporating fun and creativity into teamwork.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein
Ronan Healy

Ronan Healy (Service Designer)

I'm constantly curious with a passion for innovating. I'm innately empathetic and love to understand and assist others.

I have over a decade of director and senior leadership experience and have, since my Masters in 2004, used the principles and practices of Creative Problem Solving and design thinking to guide me…..plus lots of trial and error!

I'm a certified Scrum Master, Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator and Ireland’s first (and only) trainer of Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitators. I’ve worked internationally with various companies and design agencies that wish to advance their operations and culture in order to deliver memorable customer and employee experiences.

My passion to teach others innovative, ‘culture-centric’ methodologies and frameworks led me to consult and lecture for numerous years in service design, design thinking, Jobs-To-Be-Done, Google Design Sprints and Lean Startup.

I believe business culture should be keenly considered and inclusively designed, yet is still a significantly under-realised asset by most businesses.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
— Peter Drucker
Jenny Agile Learner.jpg

Dr Jennifer Mc Mahon (Learning Designer)

I'm a Psychologist with a love for learning. I've spent my career understanding the theories of learning, the significance of emotion when learning, and how to create optimal learning environments so that learners flourish. 

I believe now more than ever that organisations and their people must continuously learn to stay competitive in an increasingly fast-paced and complex business environment. I see the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method as a unique and highly valuable tool to accelerate their learning journey.

As a researcher and lecturer at the University of Limerick, I've written papers on mental health and wellbeing and have consulted to various agencies on implementing wellbeing and resilience supports.

I use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method in conjunction with scientifically validated psychological practices to support people to find their motivation, create positive behaviours, and transform their mindset, health and performance both personally and professionally. 

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.
— Henry Ford



 How Might We...

help a team work better together?

help you simplify operations and strengthen culture?

help you more creatively plan and implement a strategy?

help you create meaningful relationships with your customers and employees?

Whatever your requirements, we can create a workshop which generates valuable insights and partner with you to successfully implement them.



(Yup, that’s a LEGO® pun!)

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